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Despite the draught breaking over two years ago, rainwater tanks are still selling strongly in Melbourne.Read more.

Round Tanks

Round rainwater tanks give you the best value for money in comparison to slimline water tanks. The reason for this is that round tanks are easier and less expensive to manufacture than Slimline tanks.

The main reason people select a slimline tank over a round tank is the diameter of the round tank being too wide to fit into where they want it to go.

For example a Tankmasta 3000L round tank had a diameter of 1.45 meters which is fairly typical for this size round tank. At the same time the 3000L Slimline tank from Tankmasta is only 0.78 meters deep (IE front to back).

In dollar terms that’s $659 for the 3000L round rainwater tanks and normally $939 for the slimline rainwater tank. In value for money terms that’s 22 cents per litre for the round in comparison to 31.3 cents for the Slimline.

As most people who live in suburban houses, units etc don’t have the spare land to put in a round tank, they normally opt to put it out of the way in sideways and out of the way places where space is at a premium so they select the slimline option.

Round tanks are also less likely to leak because the tank is moulded in one piece whilst the slimline tanks are moulded in two pieces and joined together. There have been many instances of the cheaper brands of tanks leaking from where the two sides are joined.

Slimline Rainwater Tanks

The most common slimline tank size is around the 3000L variety because it’s a happy medium in terms of capacity and size. A 1000L slimline tank might take up very little space it doesn’t hold much water whilst on the other hand the 5,000L slimline tank will hold a handy volume of water it’s also very bulky and heavy.

If you’re lucky enough to have a long sideway, then you could two or more slimline tanks end to end, connected together to provide a good storage volume of water. Connecting tanks together can be a bit tricky, particularly if they are not exactly on the same level.

Under Deck Water Tanks

Under deck or under house rain water tanks are a great option for those who don’t have any room for a tank in their outside space. There are the polyethylene type which are the same as the slimline tanks except they have the inlets and outlets in different positions or there is the bladder type which come in a huge variety of sizes to suit just about any situation.

The down side of the poly tank is their rigidity and possible difficulty getting them into position under the house or deck as opposed to the bladder variety which moved into position whilst they are deflated and only reach maximum size once full of rain water.

Underground Rainwater Tanks

Underground rainwater tanks are a great solution when there is no room above ground. They are more difficult to install and cost more than the equivalent above ground model but are out of site and out of mind.

The main underground variety of rain water tank we recommend and sell is the Polyethylene variety from Tankmasta which come in the Torroid and Donut shapes.

Tank Brands

At Smart Water Shop we sell and recommend Melro, Tankmasta and All Weather in the Polyethylene variety and Tankworks in the steel tank varity. In the Under deck varity we sell the Melro under deck tanks and the Ecosac and Reosac bladder tanks.

Quality Assurance Standards and Warranty

Rainwater tanks sold by Smart Water Shop are manufactured to the Australian Qu7ality Standard As/NZS 4766:2006 and carry a 10 year warranty.

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