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Turf Supplies

When it comes to turf supplies, Smart Water Shop can offer you a number of viable options:

Instant Turf, Lawn Seed, Synthetic Grass and other turf supplies such as fertilisers, lawn starters, weed killers, wetting agents and other soil additives.Read more.

Instant Turf

Instant turf is very popular because it provides instant gratification and is very fast to establish itself.

The most popular varieties we sell are Sir Walter Buffalo, Eureka Kikuyu, Eureka Kikuyu VG, Nullabor Couch and Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF).

All the above turf varieties are drought tolerant which are perfect for Melbourne’s harsh summer weather and the periods of draught we often experience.

Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter Buffalo is the largest selling brand of Buffalo turf in Australia.

It’s a soft broad leaf buffalo, very draught hardy, able to tolerate much more shade than any other variety as well as excellent tolerance of full sun, and it holds its colour well in the winter months.

It’s not effected by Frosts during the Winter months.

Eureka Kikuyu

Eureka Kikuyu is a finer leaf turf than the Buffalo, it’s the most aggressive and hard wearing variety, it will tolerate full sun and some shade. It’s very draught hardy and holds a reasonable colour in the winter months.

Eureka Kikuyu VG

VG has all the same qualities as the standard Eureka Kikuyu variety above except that it also boasts a rich emerald green leaf colour and it produces better winter activity therefore maintaining colour all year round.

Nullabor Couch

Nullabour Couch has the finest leaf, it’s extremely draught tolerant, handles full sun but doesn’t deal as well in shade. It does brown off more than the others during the winter months and will tolerate high traffic extremely well.


The above four turf varieties are sold in a flat format called a Quelt (400mm x 1200 which is roughly 2 per sq M) which is a much better method of delivery than the traditional one square meter roll which are heavy and when they dry out a bit between harvesting and laying , the soil often falls away leaving the roots unprotected. On the other hand the Quelt is thick and the soil stays together with the Turf and is easier to lay and faster and easier to establish.

Pick up or Delivery

By giving us two days’ notice we can have your instant turf varieties above delivered to your doorstep (Melbourne and Metro area only) or if it’s only a small quantity turf supplies you need then you can elect to pick it up from one of our stores on a Wednesday or Saturday. You just need to order it at least two days in advance.

RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)

More than l0 years ago turf scientists developed a superior tall fescue variety with rhizome—rich plants. lt's called Rhizomatous Tall Fescue or RTF.

The variety we sell from Lawn Solutions Australia's RTF value over traditional tall fescue varieties is substantial LSA RTF:

  • Repairs itself. Rhizome roots fill in bare spots in a thinning lawn.
  • Produces a thick even lush soft turf.
  • Promotes deep-rooting plants with great tolerance to heat & dry conditions
  • Saves on over seeding costs of damaged turf irrigation equipment and water bills.

Lawn Seed

We sell a limited variety of lawn seeds on the website but we carry a much wider range of lawn seeds and lawn seed blends in our stores.

Synthetic Grass

For those who don’t wish to maintain a living lawn and are looking for a maintenance free option there is always the option of installing a synthetic lawn which costs more money per square meter to lay than Instant turf or lawn seed.

Its benefits are there are virtually no maintenance and certainly no water required. You can view a sample of each of the five New turf varieties at any of our Melbourne stores.

Other Turf Supplies

With Instant Turf comes the requirement for other turf supplies such as Starter Fertiliser to prepare the soil and help the new turf establish roots into the ground. Instant turf also needs to be fertilised at least four times a year to maintain a lush and healthy lawn. In the winter months whilst warm season turf is dormant, winter grasses grow amongst the leaves and need to be killed so we carry a range of winter grass killers and other poisons. Wetting agents are a great help when water is just running off and not getting down to the roots.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn, make sure you drop into one of our stores and talk to our experienced and helpful staff about your lawn needs.

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