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Whatever your irrigation or water related project is, we are here to help you, whether it be to help you design your whole irrigation project from square one or just provide you with the correctly specified products for your job, our expertly trained staff are here to help.Read more.

The categories and ranges of products we sell online and in store are listed below: We have a wider range of products in store so if you can’t find it online then call or drop into your closest Smart Water store.

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Spray irrigation

Gear drive rotor sprinklers are the larger style popup sprinklers used usually for lawns, sporting fields etc. They are designed to throw large volumes of water over longer distances. We carry the PGP, PGJ and the I series in the Hunter range and the 3500, 5000 , 6504 and 8500 series in the Rain Bird Range.

For the not so large sprinkler irrigation jobs there is the non-gear drive pop up sprinklers such as the Rain Bird 1800 series and Hunter Pro Spray pop up bodies designed to be fitted with fixed or variable arc nozzles.

Pop up sprinkler spray heads commonly called nozzles come in all sizes capable of spreading water over distance from below a meter to over 10 meters with fixed or variable arcs.

In our shops, you will find the full range of Rain Bird Matched Precipitation Rates (MPR) fixed position nozzles, Variable Arc Nozzles (VAN), High Efficiency (HE) van nozzles as well as the Rotary and variable arc rotary nozzles.

In the Hunter range we supply the Hunter Pro Spray nozzles, as well as the Hunter matched Precipitation (MP) rotator nozzles in variable arcs and fixed circle for radiuses of under 2 meters to over 10 meters.

Also under the heading of spray Irrigation come the Risers, adapters and fittings help connect the sprinklers to the water source.

Drip irrigation

We supply Drip tubing (Dripline) from Rain Bird, Toro and Netafim in 13mm, 8mm and 4mm in various lengths, hole spacing and emission rates along with Low density fittings to join everything together.

Other important Drip irrigation fittings include, pressure reducers, metal pins to hold the drip line in place on the ground, Vacuum breakers to allow water to freely flow in and out of the pipe, flush valves to flush out a line, individual drippers and pressure indicator flags to make it easy for you to see if a drip line is working or not.

Irrigation Controllers, Solenoid valves and Sensors

We sell Irrigation controllers to suit ever need from single station battery operated controllers up to fully automated large scale controllers for parks, gardens and open spaces.

Most popular are, Wifi irrigation controllers from Hydrawise, mains powered controllers from Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro to battery powered controllers for when mains power is not readily at hand.

Solenoid valves from 25mm to 50mm to suit small irrigation jobs to heavy duty valves designed to open and close high volumes of water flow required for large scale irrigation systems.

Rain and moisture sensors are used to turn off a watering system automatically when it’s been raining or when the soil is already too moist and not requiring further watering.

Valve Boxes and Irrigation cable

Valve boxes are used to cover a single solenoid valve or multiple valves in the ground. We sell a wide range of Valve boxes from small round, square or rectangular shape boxes for household purposes to large heavy duty boxes for commercial usage. Green lids are most common but purple lids are used when recycled water is in use.

Irrigation cable comes in single wire, 3 up to 13 wire in roles of 30M, 50M and 100M as well as by the meter. Irrigation Cable.

Irrigation Fittings

PVC Fittings , Metric HD, Rural HD, LD Fittings, PVC Manifold Fittings, Poly manifold fittings Camlock Fittings and Treaded poly fittings are the building blocks of all irrigation systems.


Micro Irrigation

Micro Irrigation is simply sprinkler irrigation on a much smaller scale. All the spray and sprinkler heads are designed to spread water over much shorter distances. Mostly used for small garden beds or potted plants.



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