Hydrawise Irrigation Controllers

Hydrawise Irrigation Controllers - Hunter HC Series

Internet and Smart Phone technology has finally caught up with the irrigation industry with the recent introduction of Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers for home and light commercial use..Read more.

Internet based control systems for the high end commercial and government users such as councils and Golf courses have been around for a bit longer but are very expensive and only viable for very large irrigation systems.

Previously, the most popular irrigation controller for multiple watering zones for the home was of a type that the user stood in front of and set a program to tell it the days to turn on as well as the times and how long per zone etc.

There were a couple of drawbacks in this type of system; the first was that the user had to stand in front of the controller to actually program it or make changes to the program and secondly, most people found them difficult to use. If you hadn’t used it for a while you had to go back to the manual to work out how to make changes to the program.

Most people these days use multiple computer programs and Apps on their PC, iPad and Smart Phones so it follows that most people would find it easy to use a simple program or app to manage their irrigation system.

But ease of programming is just the beginning, controlling your WiFi Irrigation Controller can be done from anywhere there is internet or phone reception but the system can also use your wireless internet (wifi) to access a live stream from weather stations close to you and make automatic adjustments based on weather forecasts.

Imagine you’re travelling overseas and you know it been hot in Australia and you feel that you should add an extra watering day to your system. You can simply make the changes on the spot. Alternatively it can be automatically done from the connected weather station.

No more dried up gardens and dead plants, no more wasted water, no more drowning plants, wifi irrigation controllers are the way of the future and will only come down in price over time.

Hunter HC - Hydrawise Irrigation Controllers

With a number of brands are coming onto the market, Smart Water Shop have decided to go with the Australian designed brand of WiFi irrigation controller called Hydrawise. It was a Melbourne based engineer, Malcolm Cameron, that caught the big irrigation manufacturers sleeping and got a jump on the market for this innovative product.

Now being marketed by Hunter irrigation as the Hunter HC range.

The Hydrawise controllers are available in Indoor and outdoor models starting with a six zone non expandable controller to a 12 zone controller which can be expanded up to being a 36 zone controller.

Replacing your existing Irrigation Controller.

Replace your existing controller with no extra wires The Hydrawise controller uses your Wi-Fi network to access the internet directly through your router – no need to leave your computer on or make any network changes. Simply enter your wireless password into the unit and you’re done! Hydrawise is fully compatible with traditional 24V AC irrigation controllers so you can just change the wires from the solenoid vales over to the new controller.

Find out how much water you use.

Hydrawise’s flow meters allow you to detect broken pipes, spray heads and faulty wiring or valves. The Hydrawise interface allows you to view the water usage for each watering cycle and set up email or SMS alerts when a zone’s water usage is abnormal. Don’t lose plants or get massive water bills just because your irrigation system failed you!

If you want to have a demonstration of the Hydrawise wifi irrigation controller, come into one of our four stores and we can show you how they work.

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