OASE – For over 65 years, OASE Living Water of Germany has manufactured in accordance with rigorous performance criteria, optimal product quality and ECO-friendly engineering.

Oase, the leading brand name for water gardens & commercial fountain technology in the world.
One of OASE’s core competencies is the manufacturing of a broad range of application specific submersible pond, fountain, waterfall & filtration pumps. From universal water feature & fountain pumps like the OASE Aquarius Universal, Oase Aquarius Fountain sets & OASE Aquarius Solar. These ranges come with a vast choice of fountain nozzles and accessories to ensure the right solution for your domestic or commercial fountain project.

Oase: Biopress 4000


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Oase: Schaumsprudler (22-5K)


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Oase: Schaumsprudler (35-10E)


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Oase: Bitron UVC Clarifier (24C)


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Oase: Pondclear (500mL)


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Oase: pH Value Minus (500mL)


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Oase: Hardness Plus (500mL)


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